My real name is Alois Mahdal. I am many things, but my most "publish-able(-ish)" persona could be described something like this:

Software quality and ethics advocate, test developer. I like to Bash, Markdown and Python. Maybe one day I'll Go (but first, I want to Lua a bit). All of that in Vim under Bash under urxvt under i3. Oh and I used to Perl and HTML a bit. My favorite PEPs are PEP20 and PEP8. And last time I dual-booted, it was Debian and Fedora.

My non-computing interests are music listening and exploration, art, graphical novels, psychology, science, (mostly indie) video games, and ... the list goes on in my head but I'll just stop here.

When I'm not developing tests, hacking on some code or satisfying my interests with videos and podcasts, I like to play videogames, take walks or hang out with some of my many little nephews.

published by mdpublish, 2022-08-19